Hiring Realistic Horror Game Builder

I am in the process of starting a horror game with my sisters, but we need help with building of some of the maps (starting with just one)

Looking for high poly/realistic build
We need a graveyard

About Us
Hi there! I am apart of a group called Marble Moon Creations. We just started not too long ago, and we are in the process of actually diving into the development of our future games.

We are looking for a professional builder, who is able to use their advanced building skills to join our team . People the are able to work with blender and are fair with environmental factors through the game are the best candidates.

We do have part of a map finished, which shows some details so you are able to get a look at something we are looking for interior wise. (I’ll dm on discord, because the image isn’t working)

We do not have a current timeline, so we like would like whomever to take their time, no rush.

Our pay is negotiable. Our preferred payment method is through robux, however we can do USD.

Contact Us
You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via discord at sqhuidwahhhd#1586

I am able to contact whomever almost at any time asap.
Weekdays I have school so I am able to respond anywhere from 7:40am- 9am until 12am-2am
Weekends, I like to sleep in so anywhere from 12pm-3am
However somedays I do work (no often), so if I do not respond you may assume I am away from computer, sleeping or at work

Thanks for reading!

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