Greetings! I am the owner of Cravings, which is an Asian Styles restaurant. We have decided to start v2 and we are currently in need of a builder. Below you can find all the requirements, and what we need built.

-Must have examples of past builds ( possible proof that you made it ).
-Possible examples of Cafes, Hotels Restaurants.
-Must be able to work with payment.
-Must be able to finish in 2 months.
-Be a devfourm member ( optional ).
-Must NOT use ANY free models.
-We are not looking to go first for payment unless have proof.

About The Job
-4 piece build
-Modern/antic designing
-3 medium/small restaurant
-1 main entrance
-plus kitchen in each one
-have 1 ride ( ex roller coaster, sky ride etc. )
-You must dm me for more information regarding’s the build.

Payment will be talked about in dms!

Contact Us
You can contacted me VIA DISCORD: Sad-i#8609
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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