HIRING | Rivalry is looking for scripters!

Hello! :happy1:
I’m Arvensis, and I’m the team leader and UI artist for an upcoming game known as Rivalry.

Rivalry is a fantasy genre fighter game where players battle to the end using unique classes with complicated combos. Rivalry’s variety of classes gives you the option to choose multiple classes to master. Play through difficult boss fights and fun game modes or make a private server to vibe with your friends.

We started development back in November 2020 with a team of 4 as a passion project. Progress has been slow due to IRL issues but we’ve finally started working on it again. To reduce the amount of workload, we’re hiring a few more scripters!

@Nightchase Main Scripter
@BreadMenace Builder / Modeller
@Spookwagenz Animator / FX Designer
and myself, UI / GFX Artist

We took inspiration from games such as Strife! and Black Magic, which were some of the best fighting games that were discontinued due to the FE update.

What we’re looking for:

  • Scripters / Particle Effects Designers
    We’re looking scripters & artists who have previous experience in working with UI & Effects.
    User Interface: I’ll be designing the User Interface and you’ll have to make it come alive.
    Even better if you have knowledge in Photoshop or Illustrator, or if you’re willing to make your own.
    (Tweening, etc.)
    Effects: You’ll have to create specific effects for each of the classes, their moves etc.
    You can either use particle emitters for the effects or script your own effects using parts & meshes.

You can find an example here: (Taken from the game Strife!)

If you have any other skillset that you think might help in the development of the game and are interested in working with us, feel free to contact me.

What we’ve done so far:

So far, we’ve created the base game with almost all base mechanics necessary for the game to function.
Now we’re looking onto improving the aesthetics and beauty of the game.
We’ll soon be releasing a pre-alpha version of the game with 5-6 classes.

Some sneak-peaks from the game:




Since this was a passion project, we’ll only be using the funds we receive from it.
We’ll be releasing skins & other aesthetics so as to earn some revenue from the game.

Payment will be in % of what the game earns.

It can be discussed if you contact me.


Discord: Arvensis#5165
ROBLOX Profile: Arvy - Roblox
Official Group: Rivalry Official Group - Roblox
Discord Server: mjHGkGCv


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