Hiring (Ro-State) Terrain Artist [OPEN - SHORT TERM]

Hello! Vena Studios is creating a realistic roleplay game sorta like ER: Liberty County, State of Firestone, Nation of Aigio, etc. We’re looking for a simple but experienced Terrain Artists to create the terrain. View more information below if interested!

Payment: 1,000R$-1,400R$

What you’ll be doing: Your main focus will be creating a smooth and well-designed (followed by a map layout below) terrain map. We do expect in higher elevated areas, there to be smooth transitions and look beautiful coastlines.

PLEASE NOTE: A lot of the terrain will be flat for us to add in roads, buildings, etc. We’ll worry about hills and smaller mountains on our own but we mostly just need a base terrain with the edges of sand, rock, etc.


  • Be able to communicate with me, Lead Engineer, and complete in a timely manner.
  • Previous Portfolio/Resume
  • 13 years or older (Discord ToS)
  • Give updates along with new progress
  • Be willing to sign an agreement that Vena Studios has full ownership rights after funds distributed (Not legal document nor requires legal name, just for our security and standing)

Map Layout Sketch


Click here


If interested in this job, please message me your portfolio and I’ll reach out to you if we’re interested! It’s a fairly sized map so please make sure you’ll have enough time to do this. Funds will be paid out via group funds.

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