[HIRING] SCP Foundation Weapons Designer [3K]

OrrsonWhite’s SCP Foundation job offer.

Job Title: User Interface Designer

Job Rank: Contractor

Reporting To: Venanzio#7781

Department: Manufacturing Department

About Us:

Officially made in June of 2020, we are a development organization focused on Roblox RP, specifically in the SCP genre. Our games consist of sites or facilities based around the genre and their lore. We intend to become the largest and most realistic SCP Foundation roleplay in Roblox, bringing players an incredible experience through our game and community. We are agents of change within the Roblox development community and hope you join us on our awesome venture.

Development Images:





What we need:

We need a trustworthy individual who can dedicate themselves to projects and see them through to the end. Someone with the skills to not only understand what their tasks are but even get creative with them if necessary. Someone who is passionate about their work and strives to see their group succeed.


  • Experience with 3D Modeling
  • Ability to implement meshes into Roblox Studio from their 3D application of choice
  • Ability to create textures with as much or little detail needed
  • Ability to make low poly and realistic meshes
  • Ability to work with other developers effectively
  • Experience with the SCP Foundation genre
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Perform duties, as assigned


Jobs are in the form of tasks. Every task will be around 3,000 robux depending on complexity. Payment is always negotiable but will only be in Robux.


You may contact us on Discord [Venanzio#7781] or via twitter [https://twitter.com/WestWaterDev].

Please be prepared to show prior realistic work and answer a couple of questions.

An example of what we are looking for:

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