Hiring Scripter [$1600-2400USD/month]

Hey there fellow devs! Iā€™m Jandel, founder of Splitting Point Studios! :wave:

Splitting Point Studios is a Studio on Roblox that has accumulated a total of 35M+ game visits, our goal is to create unique and powerful experiences that create a long lasting and memorable impact on our users.

As we expand to further projects, we are actively looking to recruit advanced programmers onto our team, consisting of around 10 advanced, and skilled developers. Though this team of developers does not work on solely one project, but rather split up into teams and work on several projects at the same time; not only does this increase efficiency, but also increases profitability. Teams are usually split into 4-5 developers per project.

We are currently only looking to recruit advanced programmers who show skill and determination to strive for success! As a programmer on our team, you would be getting paid by the hour or percentage (though percentage payment is negotiable, and may not always be available)

As a programmer, you can expect to be paid $1600USD - $2400 USD per month, depending on the project.

Contact us:
Discord - Jandel#3956
Roblox - Jandel
Twitter - JandelRBLX

Is this an opportunity you would be interested in? If so, please contact us on the avaliable contact methods shown above.

Requirements, if applying:
ā€¢ Must have previous works ready to present when applying
ā€¢ Must have advanced knowledge in lua

Looking forward to hearing from some of you! :smile:
Thank you for reading, and thank you for your time.


sorry to be toxic but you said

may want to fix that


Thank you for spotting that! That is a littttle to much :smiley:


Just announcing we are still open to new scripters :slight_smile:

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Could you provide an example of the type of projects the scripters would be working on?

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I have messaged you on Discord.

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