[Hiring] Scripter and Animator [Full time job]

Hello there!
A group of 2 builders are looking to get a scripter to help with a game called Archery. Currently we have made only lobby and a map and we don’t know how to script. We scriptet some of the things so far, but we need more.

-Must know how to animate or script
-Age doesn’t matter, what matters is the work so is done
-Must have discord
-Must have some expirience
-Must know how to script swords, animate them, VIP area and that kind of stuff

-Payment will be negotiated by the work put in the game and by how good the work is
We are paying in roblox limiteds or robux

-Contact me by discord: Mato#7079 or by roblox DevForum or either roblox massages

Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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I can do it, I have the perfect amount of experience. :slight_smile:

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