[%] Hiring scripter and modeler

We’re currently developing a murder mystery/horror type game (more about the game details when you contact us, this is to protect our idea).

Just a small overlook of some stuff the scripter will do (ofc a lot of this stuff will not implemented in the alpha version and only the basic mechanics of the game and shop will be implemented)-https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/736834587300200519/736836038630178876/Scourge.pdf

As for the modeler, you will me creating our monsters/weapons which include knives and pistols(alpha version will only contain 2-3)

Payment method is a % of the revenue as this will be a long term partnership and we lack the funds to pay off the entire project (25-30% for scripter and 10% for modeler, although this is negotiable

Contact me through discord or roblox if you’re interested in the job


Group link- https://www.roblox.com/groups/4071922/FutureDevs#!/about

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UPDATE: One more modeler position has been opened back up (need someone who can design monster looking characters)

Though scripter positions still remain

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