[HIRING] Scripter and UI Designer!

Lets get to the point, I Need a scripter and a UI designer to help me make a 8 ball pool game in roblox. I have no funds to pay devs at the moment. All profit will go to the Scripter and UI designer.

The scripter will have to be able to script the UI design
also be able to make a funtional pool tablet (of course)

UI Designer will have to make something like the 8 ball pool menu

You can work atleast 1 Hour a week

If your wanting to help contact me on devfourm or on discord Mrplunkett#4834


https://gyazo.com/973689957b5391f2b51080b7fcee3bee what progress I have done! Im planning on making different tables and cues like the real game

Hi there, welcome to the Devforums,

Unfortunately, I think your post doesn’t give enough information for developers looking at this post. I suggest you go through this categories guidelines, About the Public - Collaboration category. I don’t mean to preach, but a greater length in your initial post will never do any negative impact on your offer.


You’re not going to get any applicants unless you’re willing to pay, programming and UI designing is hard work, and whether or not their effort was worth their time is based entirely upon whether or not the game flops (most do!).


Im paying them any profit that is made.

Already noted that.


He’s right. Money talks here in development on Roblox.