Hiring Scripter & Animator! - Nordic Hotel [CLOSED]

Greetings! If you’re reading this you’re probably a scripter or a animator! Below I will be going into detail about a project that you could be apart of! If you’re interested you can comment on the post or preferably message me on discord, matthew;#7450.

Current Team:

Going into more detail we’re a upcoming group in the Working Industry, more specifcally a hotel. The pay will vary depending on how much you do for us and how quickly you work. Preferably the price we would like to pay is a max of 10k. You’ll be doing several task of scripting such as a check in system, UI’s, etc. Working with us will give you the chance to be apart of the team for a long run, meaning you can get paid in the future for other assignments we assign to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Have a great day!


Quick Question, What do the animators do I didn’t see it in the post so I don’t know if I want to (btw I am an animator)

Ah, yes. My bad I was focused on the scripter, the animators will do things such as a water gun, pool noodle, etc.

Ah ok I could try that if you want to but right now my work got deleted so im working on new examples to put on my portfolio

Could you give a couple more examples on what the scripter would do?

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Well if you read the second paragraph, I already listed examples.

You only listed two examples, may I get additional examples to help me decide if I’d like to script for you or not.

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