Hiring Scripter for a Simulator Game [500k+ Members]

Hey, I am the Founder of Insight Games. A Roblox game studio with over 500,000+ members! . We have managed to achieve many accomplishments in less than a year! We are now looking to expand our team with more hardworking and awesome programmers.

The Job

Due to our previous programmers being busy, we need Your help to complete our long-awaited game, “Streaming Simulator”. The game is extremely close to completion but is missing a few things.

You should meet the following criteria to apply!

  • Must have 1+ years of experience in Lua.
  • Must have optimized and legible code.
  • Must be familiar with OOP.


We are very flexible with the payment depending on your experience. Please reach out to us upon interest and we could make something work!


You are able to reach out to us on any of these two platforms.
:bird: Twitter : @InsightRoblox
:left_speech_bubble: Discord: Para#2440


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