Hiring scripter for tank system

Hello, I’mlooking for a scripter that can script a tank system similar to the tanks in Battlefield 1.

-I’m looking for both single person crewed tanks, like the one in this video . It has 1 fully rotatable turret with either a cannon or machine gun. Battlefield 1 - Tank Tutorial Part 1 - Light Tank - YouTube
-And multi crewed tanks like the one in this video. This tank has a crew of 5 players. The driver controls a machine gun in the front of the tank, the next two players control two cannons on either side of the tank that can only pivot about 45 degrees, and the final two players control machine guns mounted on the sides of the tank behind the cannons. Battlefield 1 Mark V Tank test - YouTube

If you are interested in taking up the task, I can provide models, sounds, effects, and animations. I just need a scripter to script them. If you are up for the task or need more information message me on discord Nathan55770#7038

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