(HIRING) Scripter needed for a vibe game

What’s needed

Heya, I’m looking for a scripter to work on a vibe game. There’s not a whole lot of scripting needed therefore not a huge pay.

Things you’ll need to do:

Need to script an animation pack. (UI & Gamepass)
Song mute button (UI)
Custom song input (UI & Gamepass)
Gamepass store (UI)
Group rank nametag (Overhead GUI)

More in the future

Game so far: Vibe Corner ~ - Roblox

Payment: I’ll much rather give out percentages only considering I wanna spend my funds on ads/sponsors to make the game bigger. However, there’s a small chance I’ll still accept paying with robux if I really like your work and won’t take anything else.

Percentage: 10 - 30%
Robux: 1000 - 8000


Discord: BrightParts#1234
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrightPartsRBX

I can do this, do you have discord? My username is jaden#0438, and my roblox is StopLy_ng temporarily.

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Adding on discord. oskar ★#0010

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user: xxiaminevitable (as my profile defines)

I’m interested! Added! Snarky#0001

Hey im Intrested. TanosTheFalseGown#3933 I have been scripting for 7 years

I could do this quickly, is this still open?

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