[HIRING] [$] Scripter Required

Hello there!
My name is Nadz (@NadzRoblox) and I am looking for a scripter to work on a long-term project which I have started up with me and my partner (@TacticalSetting).
Here is a small background on myself - I am a website developer and own a hosting company, I wish to move onto the ROBLOX platform in order to create enjoyable and unique games.

About The Job:
The game is an FPS game based around a zombie apocalypse, we will go into detail once we decide we want to bring you onto our team. We ask that you have experience with AI NPCs (zombies) & first-person shooters.
We have many tasks needing to be completed throughout the game, such as the framework and many additional things we need within the game to be scripted. We would ask that you have experience within scripting at an advanced level.

Payment for this job will be $250 USD paid via PayPal or your preferred payment method. Payment will be paid upon completion of the job.

Please direct message on me Discord (Nadz#0567) if you are looking to become apart of this project - we are looking for someone long term and trustworthy. Upon messaging me, please include your past and recent work (preferably with past experience of the tasks we require), and some information about yourself, that is so I can get back to you promptly! Thank you.

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