About The Job

Hello! I am looking for a scripter for my game. The game is an rpg/simulator type of game. (Doesn’t currently have a name set.) There is a wide variety of weapons, creatures and cool maps for this game. Basically, I need the entire game scripted, hopefully in a time frame of 1-3 months. (If that’s still not enough time let me know and I can lengthen it…) Everything for the game is currently completed except for a few creatures and of course, the scripting.


Basically, I am offering a percentage for payment. The scripter will receive 30 percent of all game profit. This can be negotiated but I am not looking to go much higher than this.

Contact Me!

On discord I will be able to show pictures of the game or you could join me and I will show you around. I will explain in more detail what needs to be completed as well. Message me on discord, ashley#1949.



Sent request on discord, :slight_smile:

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