Hiring Scripter to finish our half-scripted game. (15% of game)

Looking for reliable Scripters that understand Modules

Hello! I am Hero_Ravensong, Co-Owner of Ravensong Productions. Our group has been struggling lately on the scripting side, but thriving on the building, GFX, Music, etc. We are searching for a scripter who will be able to finish our game, work with our community, provide updates weekly or bi-weekly, be a good communicator, and a good teammate. We have about 20-30 easy to intermediate scripts that need to be complete on our simulator. We have been working on this Simulator since March, and every single one of the 100 Testers have agreed it has massive potential. A never-before-seen Simulator that adds it’s own twists.


  • Work with a team that is inspired to complete this project, and a team that is welcoming.
  • We shall allow you to post advertisements within our discord once in a while as a reward for doing a good job.
  • 15 percent of our game, if you can complete all that we ask from you. Do understand that half of our game is already scripted, so 15 percent is not low. If you still think 15 percent is low, imagine it like this, in a game you have many people working on it, GFX, Builders, Modelers, Musicians, and the Owners.


  • Good understanding of Module scripts.
  • Good communicator, mic preferred.
  • Have a good amount of experience.
  • Be confident, motivated, and proud of your work. We do not want a scripter who slacks off because of lack of motivation.

Reply in the comments with your discord username so I know who you are when you are applying. Hero_Ravensong#2889
Reminder, if you do not understand Modules please do not apply.

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Here are some questions you may want to include in your OP if you want any chance of hiring a scripter…

  • What is the game? (exactly)
  • How finished is it?
  • Do you have ads?
  • Links?
  • Who else is on the team?

We didn’t want to entirely tell everything about the game due to possible coppiers on the DevForum, though I can explain some of your questions here.

We have the following left to complete, minus a couple things here and there;

  1. Add animations in for the weapons shop (also don’t forget to DM me about a new opening house animation because the animator only set the house opening animation to me)
  2. Finish all GUI (Stats, Settings, Rebirth, Pets, Gems shop, Gamepass shop) - Almost done
  4. Add all 30 House cameras
  5. Figure out a Tutorial
  6. Make gamepasses work
  7. Have it to once your backpack fills up, you teleport to the X in your house.
  8. Make the going inside and outside of your house smoother (sometimes it can get laggy)
  9. Finish Pet system
  10. Daily Reward System (you can make chests in the corner of the interior)
  11. Add the most recent update board, future update board, and gamepass advertisements all around the map.
  12. Find an easier way for mobile users to play
  13. Reset leaderboards
  14. Make Badges work
  15. Add Rebirths and Rebirths Leaderboard
  16. Redo Houses
  17. Add Fans, OG Fans and Head Mod
  18. Reset all stats before right before release.
  19. Make it so things don’t give .5 or deal .5
  20. Make a set character for all players (so stuff like the fanny pack being too big won’t happen)
  21. Add a thing around players that tells them that they’re in a safe zone (such as effects or a check)
  22. Make it so you can’t sell behind a wall

We will be doing sponsors, but here’s a snippet of the game to give you a feeling of how the game will function: https://gyazo.com/372607a574e46344e8b6d42c7650768b
(Note: The collection of gems is not the main thing in the game, you are collecting something else which defines are game. If someone is interested in the position, then we will tell them more information about our game.

The only other people on the team are us owners, due to us commissioning all the other work fields.

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That’s half-scripted?!?

I’d apply but I don’t do pet systems or inv systems but for that much work I’d give at least 30% of the game.

Hm, we have room for negotiation.

It would also depend on the scripters past experience, how much they do for our community, and the speed of the project’s completion.

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