Hiring Scripter To Fix Gear

Hello! I have a gear that is basically a sword, but with a pan mesh. It has its own custom animation, sounds, and other features. The problem is that a majority of the time when two players attack eachother, both players end up dying. I need someone to fix this please.
Pricing will be discussed over Discord.
Discord: TheM4Man#4877

Does the sword do full damage to the attacked player? If so and both players attack at the same time then of course both will be hit by the sword and die.
Have you tried having just one player attack and see if both die?
I’ve never made a sword or attack type tool so I don’t know what I’m doing in this situation, but I’d take a few free model swords and see how their attack scripts deal damage.

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Think of it like MM2 Assassin mode. If two players attack eachother, only one dies. I need it like that.

Then you need to script it that way so that the script recognizes the first player to attack and only allows the damage from that sword.

consider adding a 0.5 second immunity after 1 sword slash, could fix it

before u do damage, check to see if the player using the item has more then 0 health, this should stop majority of the ties in the simplest fashion

function TakeDamage(me,you)
     if me.Humanoid.Health > 0 then

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