HIRING | Scripter & UI Designer | LONG TERM PARTNERS | Big Payout |

Hi, I’m Plethoa nice to meet you. Here’s a little background information on me.

I’ve been a Roblox user since 2010, and a builder, modeler, and game designer since 2017. I have released and been part of multiple popular games, and released some of my own with varying degrees of success.

Also Heres My Portfolio for you to check out

Now that you know a little about me let me talk to you. So here I am on the Dev Forum, to ask for 2 permeant dev partners, to Collab on a infinite amount of games ideas. I was drawn to this fact, out of the matter of it being really hard to release projects, and if you have ever been a dev on a random studio on Roblox you’ll know what I mean.

Once the positions get filled we can talk about what games we would like to construct and fill out all the details in between, although I already have dozens of ideas and maps layed out.

What I’m Looking for in partners.


  • Experienced
  • Time Efficient
  • Works well with others
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Can code almost anything, (This includes, Data Stores, Tools, Animations, UI, Core Game Mechanics, Custom Rigs, ect.)

UI Designer

  • Experienced
  • Time Efficient
  • Works Well With Others
  • Communicates Effectively
  • Can create any style of UI, and any type of UI, (Full Screen, Shops, Buttons, and any style of UI needed to fit the game)

Payment- So right now I have a couple 10s of thousands of Robux to play around with, and to contribute to the ads and thumbnails and such of the game, and this can also be treated as back up payment in case one of the games flop. Though the main payment will be as followed.

Game Percentage
Builder/ Modeler- 40%
Scripter 40%
UI Designer- 20%

ALSO- I really don’t care about your age, or years of experience, as long as your work is exceptional and you have something worth while to give to the team.

SO PLEASE! If you want to make super fun profitable games together on Roblox please Contact me here on the Forum, Twitter, or Discord!

Twitter- @plethoa
Discord- Plethoa#9971

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