[HIRING] Scripters needed for our studio


Hello there! I am the Head Moderator at an aspiring group called JonathonBows Studio and we are currently in need for some scripters to join our group and work on our upcoming game called California State Patrol.

The Team
@JonathonBows - Founder
@pinchpotmonster - Co-Founder
@ - Board of directors
@ - Head Administrator
@dekay1278 - Head Moderator
@ - Head Developer
@ - Scripters
@ - Builders
@ - GFX
@ - GUI
@slevaal (Under review by BOD And Founder) - Modelers
@ - Car developers

About The Job
Our team is looking for some scripters who can take their job seriously and will happily script our entire game

We don’t have a payment plan currently so all work will be don voluntarily

You can contact me, the co-founder @pinchpotmonster or the founder @JonathonBows

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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