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About Us

Hello, I am ItsByskyWrecker and I am the owner of a small community by the name of Perfect Games, and I am hiring a scripter that could help me finish and a game that I’ve started alone but can’t finish it. It already includes some scripting. The game will be discussed privately

The Team
@ItsByskyWrecker - Builder/UI/Model
@username - Scripter

About The Job

The game is collecting simulator, it’s a small project that I was working on to improve my development, but from scripting side, I cannot finish it so I need the scripter’s help. The game is basic since I was going for a basic game and you must collect stuff to get cash. The scripter’s job is to help me improve some of my scripts and add some new features.

Current Progress


Since I have low budget I am willing to pay 2k robux + 50% of the group revenue.

Contact Us

Discord: WRΞCKΞR#1649

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Do you have any extra information on what you would like to be added by scripters? Specific assignments that you would like to see happen?

Also, the base pay seems very low and the 50% group revenue seems to be a big variable. How confident are you that this game will earn money? What are your plans for advertisement and further monetization?


From the scripter, I need him to add a backpack system and a way to get more money and fix some of my scripts.

For the advertisement , I could buy Robux and pay the GFX or making my own but will be bad looking. And since I have such a low budget I am willing to give the scripter 50% so IF we ever made a profit he could have more than what he started from. Plus he will work less than told since its a low budge like 3 days a week.

btw my previous game didn’t became successful but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a successful one

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Hey, you can get a lot of money if the Scriptures and the builder are very good at their work.

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The name of this topic is misleading, it seems as you are a scripter, and you are for hire. Please change it to “Hiring Scripter”

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Oh, sorry about that I will fix it! Thanks.

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