[Hiring] Searching for Skilled devs for a Fire Force game. (Anime)

I am looking for professional builders, scripters, and 3D modelers, ,Animators, Sound Makers, and Vfx/Particle makers. I am starting an anime game based on the popular anime Fire Force. The payment is simple. Currently 600k is underway and that will be distributed throughout the entire team.

Builder - 150k
Scripter/Ui Makers- 120k
Vfx/Particle - 60k
Sound maker- 40k
Gfx Makers: 25k

If necessary or depending on the quality of work completed, the prices may raise.

Upfront payments are not qualified. You can contact me via Forum or discord: δΊ”ζ‘ζ‚Ÿ#0002


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