[Hiring] Searching for Skilled devs for an Anime Game

Im looking for Pofessional 3D modelers, Builders, Scripters, Gfx makers, Sound makers, Vfx/Particle makers, and animators. The game is basically just a big crossover. It wont be like the others however. It will have many more characters, better designs, etc. As for the payment it will go as this:

Builders: 80k.
Scripters: 60k.
Gfx: 3k each.
Sound: 15k.
Animators: 2k each.
Vfx/Particle: 30k.
Modelers/3D: 70k

Upfront payments arent taken. All devs will be payed accordingly upon release. You can contact me via forum or on my discord: δΊ”ζ‘ζ‚Ÿ#0002. NOTE: Inactivity will lead to you being kicked from the team.


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