Hiring skilled modelers! (Down Payment In Robux) [OPEN]

We’re interested in skilled modelers who have experience in modelling. If you’re interested as well hear us out! The game we’re working on is kind of a mix of Anime Mania, and All Star Tower Defense. What we need is character models for each character we make that has a variety of skills scripted by our best programmers.

This game is 50% finished, we already have a pretty good lead on everything needed for the programming side of the project.

As for percentage you’ll get 25% of the income earned by the game’s revenue. As for a pre payout if you’re not satisfied we will do a down payment of 10K Robux so you know you haven’t wasted your time if the game fails.

Interested yet? Then contact us here:

When you first add me, I’m going to ask you for examples of your work. If you qualify then I’ll need you to make 1 design from a character to see how experienced you are. And if you add me you have to be willing to work on the project the moment you have sent me a request. Thanks if you read this!


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