Hiring someone to fix Ordering System [1,000 + 500 RBX NEGOTIABLE] [CLOSED]

Hi, Recently been having trouble trying to order frames inside of a scrollingframe using uigridlayout. Currently, my issue is trying to have each frame use a different layoutorder (starting from 1, ascending - 1,2,3,4,etc) , that way finding the next frame (after a particular frame) is possible and easy. Currently, as a result of my code, some frames have the same layoutorder and some numbers are skipped and I can’t seem to figure out why. Currently, I’m looking for a solution that makes sure each frame does not have the same layout order, and the correct one (ascending from 1 and also the order it’s supposed to be in since its checking for a string). If possible, also create something that sorts all of the frames alphabetically using layout order (extra payment)



self.CurrentSlots is just all of the slots, or imagebuttons inside of the uigridlayout list frame (Each with unique names) and Layout where self is used, is just the uigridlayout.
To set up the ui, just make a frame, then put uigridlayout inside of that frame. Then, make the slot, (image button), and put it inside of that frame. Duplicate the slot so there’s atleast 20 slots (to make sure the system completely works), and make sure each slot has a unique name.

To fix my issue, payment will be 1k robux, and to add the alphabetical sort, payment will be another 500 robux.

(I’ll be willing to negotiate if it’s too little, I’m assuming it’s a simple issue and that I’m just dumb)
If you have any questions, feel free to message me here, on the devforums or on discord malt#0960

(If you fixed it and/or did the alphabetical sort, contact me with a video of it working)

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