Hiring someone to help me place mannequins down [CLOSED]

Hello! I just built my homestore and lowkey I dont understand how these mannequins work :confused: so I want to hire someone who can help me place down the mannequins and put the clothes onto it to make it sellable and stuff.

Im not sure how much a service like this goes but feel free to quote your own price uh preferably in SGD, since im paying through paypal.

[ Quote your price in the comment and ill pm you soon if I want to hire you ]

Sorry if im doing something wrong since im quite new to this forum.

So like you want us to place the shirts on the mannequins I mean I could take a look (You don’t have to pay me if I don’t know how) I just want to see if I can help and as for the price does 400 robux sound good we could always lower it??

This task does not seem hard at all, you should search about mannequins since there are plenty of tutorials out there.


I can do for 300 robux, contact me on discord. 6QL4#0001 Thanks!

Honestly it is very easy, just watch a YouTube tutorial on how to do so. I wouldn’t suggest in paying others to do the task for you when you can search it up and do it for yourself.

I would be more than happy to do that, I sent a request on discord ShrekBaiter#3997

This task isn’t really that hard at all, you just need to add shirts and pants to your rig and paste the shirt or pants ID, I can do this for 50 robux if you want. :grin: Discord w38552#5424

Agreed, just search tutorials about mannequins, don’t let people leech your money it’s not that hard.

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Not sure if you still need it, but I’ll do it for free, it’s literally a 5 minute job. (Unless you dont have the mannequins already)

True, I mean I do indeed know how to do it but im just lazy : P but thanks so much for your input maybe ill just do it myself then.

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