Hiring someone to make a vaulting system for my parkour game!

Hey bois, i’m looking to hire someone to make a vaulting system that automatically detects when a part is in radius and vaults over it, i would also like it to retain the player’s speed after vaulting, some camera manipulation on the vaulting would be nice too, will be discussed further in dms.

4k robux worth of limited items. Negotiable.

Contact me on discord at eg#9957 to arrange this.

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it is unlikely that you’ll find someone capable who’s actually willing to get paid in limiteds as it is not only unsafe, but can end in a scam very easily; consider changing it flat-out to robux

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it would take a while to actually convert em, if i could pay in straight robux i would, i can literally do half upfront and half after tho

As the other reply said, this method is prone to scams

true but i don’t have physical roux on me and it would take a crap ton of time to sell said limited

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