Hiring Someone To Make Shirts For Me

We are hiring people to make shirts for us our group is Nascar Go Karting Extreme - Roblox
my discord is PatrickStar24#0247


How much are you paying? You should follow the correct format for a recruitment post.

10 dollar apple giftcard 30 charrs

How much clothing are you asking for?

15 to 20 shirts nascar themed…

Ok I can do it but is there anyway I am able to get the giftcard before I start to stop you scamming me by saying you no longer want me to do it after I am half way done. Most devs will ask for this because there are lots of scammers.

yes add me on dis dont scam me though

Ok I will add on dis now. I also have some past desgings I can show you.

ok (30 charsssssssssssssssssssss)

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