[HIRING] Someone who is experienced with NPCS/animations

Hi! I’m HunterGreya and I own a theme park on roblox!

About the job:
We’re looking for somebody to create NPCs for a Halloween event… they’d need to roam around a specific area following a path which would be labelled for example ‘PointA’ , ‘PointB’ etc… and when a player passes the NPC it’ll activate an animation for a jumpscare kind of thing? It’d also roam with a custom walking animation up until the point it detects a player and jumps out at them.

We’re also looking for an NPC but instead of roaming it stays idle in one spot playing an animation til it needs to jump out and play the ‘jumpscare’ animation.

We’re also asking they’re protected against any kill exploits, fling exploits and pushing etc… of the bots.


I’m willing to pay 5-6k for this system.

alex!#0765 - on discord

Looking forward to responses… thanks! :smiley:

Still looking for someone to complete this task!

Hi, I would be intrested! My discord is Montcalms#0301.

Hi! Still searching for others. :smiley:

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