[Hiring] Someone who knows how to rig

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About us

This is a brand new studio composed of 6 developers. The type of games that we make are different than normal games, our games will be composed of a life system, where when a player loses all his lives the progression and the data of their character will be terminated. The player will be forced to restart from scratch. We will make mainly MMORPGs type of games.

Our Game


The Team

Advanced scripter - Hired
Modeler - Hired
3D Modeler - Hired
3D modeler terrain - Hired
VFX Maker - Hired
Audio Maker - @ShadowStarKidYT
UI/GUI Graphical Designer - Hired
GFX - @D3v_Peanut
Animator - Hiring

About the Job

This is a long-term deal so you will be apart of the studio and need to prioritize this before any other jobs or have good progress every day.


I need someone that is able to do rigs, only skinned rigs are required. Needs to know where the bones goes so when the animated animated it looks smooth.
Pay can depend, 5+USD. Over 20 rigs

To contact us

You can contact me either by Twitter or my communication code, please reply by saying friend request sent or msg sent:
Communication code:

Our social code:

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