Hiring someone with shaders to record simple footage

Heyhey, this is kind of an odd request but I’m looking to hire someone with shaders to film a couple of videos of my game. I want to make a trailer for my new game but every time I try to use shaders to record footage my computer sounds like it’s going to take off. I’d need 5-10 short clips, first-person point of view flying around the map. Preferred shaders are ReShade. These videos would be taken using a screen recorder and the job should take no longer than 20 minutes. Payment is negotiable, it’s a simple job so I’m not looking to pay thousands of robux. Payment would be via game pass (I’ll account for tax) once heavily watermarked videos have been sent and approved.

For additional information, you can dm me on the Devforum.

Please note: I do not use Discord sorry!


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