[HIRING] THE DREADED SEAS: Hiring Scripters!



Hi! I’m DreadNautical, a professional dreamer and builder. I’m also a huge fan of the pirate genre. I think it’s a genre done very poorly in game development, especially on ROBLOX. That’s why about 4 months ago, I started designing my game, The Dreaded Seas. In this project, I hope to encapsulate the ideas of various successful other games which were designed with great ideas in mind, but had flaws that prevented them from reaching full potential.

The team already consists of a supportive community, myself as the lead builder, a scripter, and a GFX designer.

I spent months working on our amazing map, weapons, ships, and other assets, and planning out the game’s storyline. Unfortunately, I found it very hard to assemble a team of loyal and talented developers without the use of professional advertisement, such as this devforum. After months of waiting for my application to be approved, I can now finally present the professional community with this advertisement!


Let me start off by explaining who we are not looking for.

We’re looking for long term partners here. I’m not interested in dealing with people that simply want a quick dollar and will then disappear (ALTHOUGH PAYMENT IS INVOLVED). We need people who are genuinely interested in ROBLOX game making, and our vision for the game- and people who will stick with us to make updates and fixes as necessary.

Before you go any futher, we do not need builders or modelers.

In terms of specific roles, we primarily need PROGRAMMERS skilled with any of the following:

  1. Datastores and cross-place services
  2. NPC’s and Quest Systems
  3. General game security
  4. Animations and Combat Mechanics
  5. Interactive UI’s

Additionally, we are looking for Clothing Designers, GFX artists, Music Composers, and Investors.


I have no set time requirements for those working on our team, although it is preferable that you can contribute something productive as frequently as possible. We have no tolerance for inactivity (although if personal things come up, that’s another story).

I understand the lack of trust people commonly have with working in team creates, so I like to create assignments on a google doc that members can pick up individually and complete in their own place and comfort.


Primarily, I should establish that for most programming tasks, there will not be upfront pay.
(If you hope to be our GFX artist or clothing designer, you will be paid upfront.)

Shocking, right?

I understand that for most people, this discourages them from taking interest in the task.

Let me explain myself.

Like most developers, I am not made of money. I have large amounts saved up for advertising purposes, and make money frequently off my own building commissions, but cannot promises excessively large amounts of money for scripting projects. That is why I want people who aren’t involved simply for the money (THERE WILL BE UPFRONT PAY INTIALLY FOR SMALLER PROJECTS TO GAIN TRUST). Anyone who is willing to stick with our team and proves to be an amazing member will receive large percentages of the game’s income, as well as the previously mentioned benefits depending on your role.


I understand I did little detailing of the game’s planning, and strongly encourage anyone who is interested to ask me about it in order to promote your interest. I would be happy to privately detail all of our plans for making it to the front page and how the game will function.

Jeez, I think that’s about everything.

My preferable method of communication is through discord (DreadNautical#7764)

My time zone is Eastern Standard Time, or EST.

Thank you for your interest!

TDS - Hiring Scripters

Seems like a great idea! Not sure if I could help out though, but I may invest! Seems awesome!


Any support is appreciated! Thank you


Is this going to be similar to Tradelands?


I am interested in working for as a programmer for general security of the game (as I have a background in this), will be contacting. This project looks interesting.


Definitively a decent collaboration, The lead developer knows what he is doing, have already a stable small team, planned and etablished contents, normally already ready-to-use assets, a very possible project that knows it’s objectives, simple and clear overall.

Just one point in particular, There is obviously exceptions about Animations, but generally, Animators is a actual job just like you’d say a UI Designer or a GFX maker is, unless you’re aiming at receiving low-tier quality or Mocap recycled actions, i’m just saying that PvP mechanisms is probably more hard & expensive than your expectations, which would probably explains why even RPG in roblox is underdeveloped (they are all about spamming attacks, farming & NPC that do damages with magnitudes, oh my god)

Animations in R15, Movements have to be in sync with the action, avoiding to make it looks robotic, irrealistic and must be lively, Have to script how the action impact other players or the environment (i would imagine the Boat engine, for example).

Why am i resuming what animations are? simply because i do not consider “Animations” as part of a programmer’s job, it have his own difficulty and enters most likely the design category instead.

Otherwise, all the other conditions are pretty much average/common and do-able, Time consuming in general, unless you want additional features,

Idle NPC or a moving one with pathfinding, and the NPC sometimes do stuff ?

What do you need to interact in general ? is just just about shopping, checking stats ? or a little more complex just as doing Matchmaking/Alliance with others players ?

Despite the interesting presentation and aspect the game offers, it’s indeed still quite vague for the programmer to know how difficult the task will be, i believe you also didn’t specified if he have to work until the game’s Release or he have to keep up with updates (for a game like this, i believe he’ll have to keep in touch)


I did take some inspiration from Tradelands, which I used to find very fun. Although, the main aspect of the game’s ‘loop’, if you will, is simply taking something from point A to point B, and gaining cosmetics based off of that. It got kind of boring for me after a while.

That said, no, my game will be very different from Tradelands. Add me on discord and we can discuss it in detail if you’d like. Thank you for the question!


You seem very passionate about animating. Thank you for the clarifications, and reading / taking the time to ask questions.

Please excuse me for not being more specific about the preferred requirements; I feared that doing so would make it seem like I was requesting more than the average scripter / animator could handle.

To address your first question about NPCs: I envision the game including both idle NPCs as well as moving, pathfinding ones (specifically for combat against players). However, the primary function of most NPCs will be to give quests, information, and serve as ‘shops’ to players.

Secondly, about UI’s, I need all of that really. Someone who is fluent in both designing UI’s in a unique style, as well as giving them a smooth transitional feeling (like hovering over something to enlarge it). The UI’s will feature aspects like stats, health, alliances, inventory (although one of my team members has mostly covered inventory), etc.

Finally, I did not specify that. But I did specifically highlight how I would prefer all of my programmers to at least stick around for the game’s completion. However, it is unreasonable in my opinion to request such a thing, seeing how many will interpret it as a ‘requirement’. I also believe I mentioned that the reason for this is to help keep up with updates.

Again, I apologize if it seemed vague, but I believe it is unreasonable to specifically list exactly what I need on the advertisement itself because it may intimidate those who do not understand that they may not need all of said ‘requirements’.

I hope this helped. If you have any further questions, you should address them to me on discord for a faster response.


Haha, sorry, turns out i was pretty harsh on you at the additional informations missing, i just feel that showing up the hard part at first is best, otherwise you’ll often get into details with people that will just end up telling you that they won’t be able to realize it within your expectations.

It’s much more clear which direction the game is going now, most likely a realistic one with adventure vibes, what you’re asking for the game will certainly take times because you want your game to be open with alot of possibilities, basically “living” the incarnation of a pirate.

i’m quite interested at what you’re attempting to lead this pirate game into, if you need someone specifically for


i’ll be up to work, i specialize in local visuals.


We are still looking for:

  • One more programmer
  • A clothing designer

However, we are also considering taking people from other fields as well, so do not feel discouraged to apply, as I noticed some people had been on our former post!

Please see the first post in this thread for details.

Please direct any question to my discord ( DreadNautical#7764 ) for the fastest reply.


I’d be willing help out as a programmer on game security and datastores (/cross place services)


Please add my discord then, it’s where I prefer to discuss all business, as well as the platform on which our team is organized. ( DreadNautical#7764 )


Looking interesting!
I have to say, I love this part of your introduction :joy:


I think you would find that my self-given title is very appropriate if you saw the amount of dedication I have to working on this project. Thank you for your interest!


Self-given titles are the best kind of titles! Good luck with your project :slight_smile:


To update, although our team is mostly complete, unfortunately one of our lead programmers has had to revoke his position due to personal circumstances. That said, we are still encouraging people to apply for positions if they are interested. Again, please use discord to contact me as mentioned above.


Just out of curiosity, what would you say would be payment for non-scripting?


As of now, have you estimated a fixed time or month in which you would like the game to be released?


“Primarily, I should establish that for most programming tasks, there will not be upfront pay.
(If you hope to be our GFX artist or clothing designer, you will be paid upfront.)“

-Me, my original advertisement


Ideally, I would like the game to be released by this summer. However, I am flexible with the release and am under no constraint to release it at a certain time. So I didn’t include one in this post.