[HIRING] THE DREADED SEAS: Hiring Scripters!


I am interested. I added you on Disc


I can give the GFX a shot


If you still need a GFX artist, I’m interested.


Due to an overwhelming amount of requests, I would like to update that, as of now (Jan 27th) we are no longer hiring GFX artists. However we are still looking for programmers and animators.


I would like to update that as we approach more difficult stages of development, some of tasks may exceed the talents of inexperienced programmers. Therefore, we now have spots open to accommodate more programmers into the team. Please use discord as a primary means of contacting me if interested.


Interested in the game concept, but im a builder. Ive taken a look at the game, and aesthetically its ok, but I think I could improve it. If interested, message me.
I can also make boats if needed.


Although we appreciate your interest, we are not looking for any builders to add to the team. Regardless, thank you for your interest.


I am interested in either the clothing designers or investor role. Message me here on the Deforum if the clothing designer or investor role is vacant.


Alright, can I suggest a map update then? Its very basic and the boats are free models.


I prefer to discuss all business on discord, as mentioned in my post. Although, we are looking for clothing designers who aren’t too pricy, and definitely investors. Please add DreadNautical#7764 for a quicker response.


I’m all open for suggestions, although when you leave a vague criticism and accuse me of free modeling, that seems to imply a more spiteful tone than one that is genuinely interested in being helpful.
If you are referring to the metal ships that are free models, yes, they are temporary, and being used for transport.

As for your general criticism, I’m assuming ‘basic’ is being used as a term to point out the low poly style used in terrain, and low detail in builds. This is done on purpose. If you have played the game for more than 5 seconds, you will notice the massive size of the map. The low detail style is meant to compensate for its enormous size and avoid lag.

That said, could you be more descriptive if you are going to make a criticism? I would love to hear it.


Alright. I didnt mean to come across that way. The ship is free modelled, yes. If youre going for a low poly style, remove textures. Textures + low-poly = a bad look. Just a tip, but at the end of the day its up to you.