[HIRING] The Dreaded Seas - Looking for Scripters!

I’m DreadNautical, creator of ‘The Dreaded Seas’. We are now re-opening applications for programming positions on the team.

NOTICE: We are looking for long term partners willing to risk investing themselves in our game rather than those simply looking for one-time commissions with upfront pay. However if you are someone with these intentions, I encourage you to continue reading as the information presented may change your mind.

In a nutshell, we need experienced scripters who are capable of the following:

  • Basing some of their work off that of others (as parts of the game’s scripting are already finished) and be capable of modifying said work if necessary.
  • Ensure that they are able to work frequently
  • Are open to working with other scripters on complicated assignments if necessary

Specific tasks:
When working on this project, you have the choice of choosing ‘assignments’ based on what you may be skilled in (you also get to work in the comfort of your own place), as their are many aspects of this project that require knowledge in different fields:

  • Combat systems
  • NPC interactions
  • Camera manipulation
  • Vehicle (Boat) physics and systems
  • Game economies
  • Datastores and cross-place data
  • UI manipulation

As previously hinted at, payment for scripting work is not upfront. You will receive a small lump payment for your first completed assignment, but ultimately be paid in a percentage of the game’s revenue that is determined how many assignments you choose to complete and how difficult they are. Feel free to discuss this with me personally if you have questions.

You can contact me through the devforum or robox, but I prefer discord for efficiency: DreadNautical#7764


Dread is such a nice guy!

I encourage anyone that has any interest in this project to take a part cause it’s definitely something that has potential.


It would be nice to know both more about what the game is as well as more specifics on the payment.

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The game itself is a pirate-themed rpg type of game. I’m the main builder, and personally hand made every aspect of the current map, all of the weapons, and vehicles, etc. If you’d like to inquire about the games actual mechanics and why I believe it will be successful, that’s something I’d prefer discussing in a more private matter.

As for the payment, I’m not how much more an explanation I could give. Is there a specific question you had?

Sent you a friend request on Discord. LouieK22#2222

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Dread does good work, and he’s trustworthy. I definitely recommend investing in The Dreaded Seas. :slight_smile:

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