[HIRING!] Time Split Obby [closed]

:wave: | Introduction

Salutations, everyone! I am happy to introduce my new game, Time Split Obby.
I am hiring developers for my new game! We have new positions open, and I would want to hire all you passionate developers!

:scroll: | Hiring

We are hiring the following…

(2/2) Builders
(1/1) Scripter
(1/1) UI

:money_with_wings: | Payment

We will be giving out % wise, however, if the game flops, backup payment is included. We will strive to make the backup payment for advertisements.

Builder - 25%
Scripter - 40%
UI - 15%
Advertisements - 20%, will cut for other roles if we have to along the way.

:iphone: | Contact

Discord is the fastest, and the best for a good team.

Please add me on discord, 6QL4#3937
Thank you! :slight_smile:


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