Hiring To Make A Roblox Animation Movie

Hey everybody,
I’m trying to make a movie, I need developers to make the map and the animations i’ll also need people to make the voices… The movie would be somebody that play’s video games and presses a button by accident on his controller and it teleports him in the game he is playing…

This is free or low cost.

Ranks Or People We Need

  • Builders 2/6 (@TheDjhaveint, @krasycheckz) (4 places availible)
  • Animators 0/3 (Nobody) (3 Places Availible)
  • Voices 0/15 (Nobody) (15 places availible)
  • Clothes Creator 0/1 (Nobody) (1 place availible)
  • Story Writer 2/2 (@TheDjhaveint, @hxne_yvxbe) (Full)

Thank You! :smile: (Contact Me:) Dev Forum (Here) OR Discord TheDjAlem#9125

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