Hiring Train Modeler/Builder

Hello developers! This may just be a good chance for your modelling/building career!

About us

I am forming a train company, that manufactures trains to sell to customers. I can’t build a train or model one, so I am hiring someone to do it instead. It doesn’t really matter if its modelled or built, but it has to be of good quality.

The job

I am looking for a modeller or builder to make trains for my company, to sell them to the public. This includes the interior, under the train (bogies, engines), on top of the train, and of course the shell.


The payment varies depending on what we sell. You will receive:

  • 45% at a minimum
  • 65% at a maximum

You don’t need to actually do any work until an order is placed in. Once the order has been placed and the money is eventually paid, you will be paid. There will be a 25% deposit that the customer must pay, and you will get the rates mentioned above from that, and the following 75%.


You may contact me on discord: xJxck_yy#7636

You must be age 13 or older to apply. A portfolio is required.

I look forward to talking to you!

So you are just taking 50+ % for selling modeller’s meshes?

More funds will also go towards scripting and possibly more for the modeller.

Just edited the pay rates for modellers.

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