[HIRING] UI Designer

I’m searching for a UI designer that can design a UI system similar to that of the one in the game Family Paradise and Blox Paradise.

Payment: $25 PayPal

Discord: COLD#8482



Hi i’d like to do this for you! Please look out for a friend request on discord from Essie#0001, thanks!

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Does that include scripting, or do you just need decals?

Are you able to pay using Robux?

I’d love to help! I’m sadul#3660 on discord.

Yes, but we are currently low on funds.

I can only do decals, at the moment.

Hello! I’m interested.

Hi there! I am interested! I have sent a friend request in. I am RBLXDev.

Hello. I am interested in the role. I have sent you a friend request in discord.
My username is devTig3r#2580