Hiring UI designers **GOOD PAY PROJECT**

WHAT’S THIS? :thinking:

We’re looking for a UI designer to complete a series of specific tasks for a payment which can be negotiable


There are a number of UI which will be requested of you to make.I have a detailed plan and description on the UI to make. It is for the most part a basic UI for a game which includes a shop , currency and settings window

More explicit details per task will be shared in private discussion

WHAT SKILLS DO I NEED? :construction_worker_man:

You should be comfortable in a few things to ensure you have minimal trouble with the tasks:

You should be able to make UI using graphic software and studio. You should be able to work in a timely manner and without delay.


You will be paid 40,000-80,000R$ if the given work is completed by a reasonable, mutually-negotiated deadline and is clear of detectable bugs [We’ll be lenient for time around unexpected issues].

We’re also looking to follow up with more opportunities if your service is responsive and productive

I THINK I’M INTERESTED :slightly_smiling_face:

If you believe you’re qualified and would like to take on the tasks above for the payment, hit me up on **Discord DefaultKind#6295 ** with samples of your work.

Look forward to your response :+1:


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