[HIRING] Unleashed MMORPG (Professional Grade)

Unleashed Community

Welcome to the official recruitment page for Unleashed Community.

Currently looking for Professional Grade Developers for our new MMORPG game Unleashed.

After being accepted to the team, we will add you to the “Developer” role within the group, allow access to 14 page Game Design document, and add to Trello.

The Team
@Axcerious - Project Leader/Builder
@username - Secondary Builder
@jeisoncm95 - Asset/Character Modeler
@Filtered_Developer - Primary Scripter
@username - Graphics Artist
@username - Animator

Currently looking for an entire team of highly experienced developers.

About The Job

In search of developers that are able to deliver astounding work, as well as being able to communicate and work in team manor.

The job will consist of a variety of different gameplay aspects and each developer has there own unique job to display.
The Builder will be in charge of the entire 4 biome terrain landscape (Forest, Desert, Mountains, Swamp). Also included in the job is knowledge of precise Roblox Studio building. Were aiming for a Low-Medium Poly design.

Structure Style

House%20Concept image1 image2

There will be different biomes as mentioned that require different structures based on the biome and each has to follow a particular style as shown in the above images.

Example Of Characters

Progress of Armor

Each character seen will be an armor set places on R15 rigs.
Soldier%201%20(Advanced)%20(1) Soldier%201%20(Advanced)%20(2) Soldier%201%20(Advanced)%20(3)

The game production is estimated on 5-6 months, heavily dependent on the speed,accuracy, and determination the team has.
With that said, we require a team that has good time management skills and is very open to ideas.
Were looking for experienced developers due to the fact that this game is complex and fill force a lot of stress on knowledge. If your willing to take on the task and can preform ‘almost’ perfect, message me.


The payment will be distributed based on the value of your job. In the order of…
Scripters - 40%
Builders - 20%
Asset Designer - 10%
Animator - 7.5%
(The last 22.5% will be used for commission based jobs, advertisement, and my own salary)

Payment will be delivered every 2 weeks. (Including Testing Period(Game Access As well))

Contact Us

Serious Inquiries ONLY
Discord Axcerious#0836
Twitter @AxceriousRBLX

Don’t be afraid to contact us.
(The game information is not public as for copyright reasons)
(To get further details regarding the job please contact me)

If I missed anything I will be updating the thread.


There is very little information on what the scripter would actually be doing in sense of style, examples, graphics, anything of the sort. I understand your concern of keeping the core game concepts private, but there is a line where you have to show enough for developers to judge if they would be interested in contacting you or not.

Besides that, looks like a interesting project!

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Well to extend off that, I can say that the scripter will be responsible for:

This includes knowing the language fluently.
Full Inventory Systems
Enemy Programming for EXP and Drops
Custom Gun/Sword/Turret Mechanics
Leveling System for each Individual Class and Universal Level Of “Player”
Full Code and Working UI with Animations and such.
Custom Chats and Introductions
Introduction Tutorial
Extensive Character and Armor Coding
Shops and Trading
(Very brief but a sample of what you’d be expected to present).

I hope this helped you understand your role a little more into detail.

I’m interested in the builder position, and have some questions. I’ve just requested your discord.

For only 15% each? Even if just one person did it, 30% is still way too low.

I was thinking of changing it to one coder.
This would entail a 25% revenue towards them.
I had feedback that it’s much more organized with one coder as they are familiar with their own code.
Unless 2 buds that both script know each other very well think they can handle working together.


To put it perspective about your comment that it’s too low, the coder would be making just about more than everyone else on the team. Not only that but that 15% is for ‘about’ half the code.
I was thinking of other ways of dividing the % up but no other way seemed reasonable and persuasive for any other team role to join along.

If you had another idea of how to split it up, please leave a comment and I will look into it.

Yes they’d be making more than everyone on the team, but it’s still way too low for what you want them to do.

You should be commissioning a Graphics Artist, Animator and Music Composer instead of offering them a %. Same possibly with the Asset Designer.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Ill look into that, but I’d rather have a team than commission work on the game.

There aren’t very many full professional development teams out there.
The amount of revenue I’m offering are the bare minimum as everyone is needed to work together.
The game is based on everyone cooperating as a team.
Input from every member is necessary.

In your case you feel that 25% is still not enough.
For the grand scheme of things you’ll be very satisfied with your work in the game when released as well as a nice chunk of Robux that is DevExable.

I have to agree with @oryRBX. Content designers (builders, GFX, UI, etc) usually only contribute every so often, and should therefore be paid per asset. Programmers are required to stick with the project for its entirety, spending their time working on the project any time it needs updating, which tends to be frequently. There’s also the fact that if any of the content designers create a new asset for the game, such as the UI designer creating a new menu, the programmer has to make that content work in the game. The minimum recommended percentage the programmer should get is 50%. If you have two, give them each 25%, as they’ll be splitting the work.

I understand your stance, but what you’re doing is not how a professional team works. They either get fixed salaries or they are paid per asset/content pack. Nearly every professional programmer or project leader would disagree with paying royalties instead of lump sums. Though obviously the content designers may disagree in a situation where the game ends up making far more than expected.


I see your perspective and I might take that into consideration.
Again I’m not so much looking forward to commissioning people.
Can you provide a possible way to split the revenue up?

I just couldn’t think of much without being unfair towards a skill set.

1 Scripter 35%
1 Builder 20%
1 Asset Modeler 10%
1 Graphics 7.5%
1 Animator 7.5%
1 Music and Sound Effects 5%

Leaving 15% For Commissions, Ads, Bonus’s, and Myself.

I want to try out for the animator role.

Message me on twitter @funnycangame

Do you have a discord ?

Sorry I don’t have discord. Sorry about that.

The tasks for a single programmer seem overwhelming.
As regards organization of code, this really depends on how well two or more programmes plan out the guidelines, priorities, frameworks, tools and services use, etc.

For example, using the AeroGame Framework, and understanding how each other developer organises their code, and picking and sticking with the best solution.

In contrast the feedback I heard from more that one scripter via Dm is different.

It’s hard to cope with someone else’s code on such a large scale project.
Unless you worked with the person before learned to code along someone else is a very difficult task and also offers less game profit for the individual.

I’m going to keep it at 1 coder.
Looking for professional individual that’s willing to put the work and effort for a successful game outcome.

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Applications are still open for every role.

Feel free to contact me if your interested.
More details will be given through DM.

Discord : Axcerious#0836

Just Updated Thread,
We are still looking for a knowledgeable builder, animator, and UI artist.
Animator will need experience in custom rigging and special effects.
(Doesn’t need to code)

UI needs to have excellent history of work. And be ready to create original styles of work.

Builder will be in charge of what was written above in the post.
Any further details can be discussed via DM.
Game has already began development.


Hey there! I notice your team doesn’t have a music composer, and if you’re ever interested in one please feel free to contact me! I love the game idea and I’d love to contribute towards the finished product!

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