Hiring UX Designer / Consultant - £10-15/hour

If you have access to the Talent Hub, please read and apply here: UX Designer / Consultant

If you have a settings PIN on Roblox then you may not be able to see it due to the strange verified creator “safety” setting on the Talent Hub, in which case you can DM here on DevForum.

About Us

At Stepford County Railway we’re looking to bring a new look to the in-game user interface and some external web services for our community.

Our game: Stepford County Railway 🚉 - Roblox

The game is a UK railway network simulation game that recreates some of the key roles of the railway in a fictional county called Stepford. You can ride as a passenger or drive a train, and players who join our community can unlock dispatching, guarding and signalling roles through training.

Since its version 1.0 release in April 2018 the game has grown massively and Roblox’s UI system has had a tonne of new features that we’d love to incorporate in a redesign and remake of the GUI. We know what information and functionality we need, but exactly how that’s broken down into different pages and views, and how it is presented across different devices is critical to user experience, so we’re creating a new position within the team.

We currently have web developers, game developers and a graphic designer on our team, but we’re looking for someone to bridge the gap by assembling graphical elements into a user-friendly layout to maximise user experience whilst ensuring all of the data, information and functionality is included.

About You

As our user experience designer / consultant you’ll produce layout mockups of both game interfaces (menu and HUD for driving, guarding, dispatching and signalling) as well as responsive web interfaces for desktop and mobile users, that our developers can then turn into fully-functioning products. All of the work will need to consistently represent the brand and follow the graphic designer’s brand guidelines.

You won’t need any programming knowledge and you won’t be asked to design anything from scratch, however knowledge of Adobe Illustrator or another vector graphics software will likely help you as our graphic designer will provide the graphical elements in vector format.

This is initially a commission-based position where we will request a piece of work and agree on the timescale and payment for that discrete piece of work.

There is the potential for the position to become a permanent part-time position in the future if you consistently deliver high quality work on time.


  • You will need to present a portfolio of existing UX work in your application, with descriptions of exactly what you performed as part of your role on each piece.
  • You will need to provide at least one fully-responsive web interface in your application.
  • You will need to provide at least one game UI with menus and an in-game HUD in your application (on Roblox or another 3D game engine).
  • You will need to be at least 16 years of age. No exceptions.
  • You should be available to work around 5-10 hours per week in order to meet our current deadlines.

Compensation / Payment

Compensation will be agreed upon for each package of work.

You can expect to earn around £10-15 GBP per hour ($14-21 USD at time of posting) paid in lump sums at milestones set as part of the agreement for each package of work.

We currently have 3 pieces of work to commission:

  1. Game GUI of menus, 3 HUDs, 1 modal admin panel and 1 full-screen control panel.
  2. A website with lots of page templates, lots of dynamic content and dashboards.
  3. A website with fewer page templates, and less dynamic content.

There will be more work in the future and the potential for the position to become permanent part-time.


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