[HIRING] Witchcraft

Hello! I am wondering if someone would be able to script this for me, I can provide extra details via DM’s, so make sure to drop your discord information in the forum chats!

The idea is that whenever a person dies in-game, rather than respawning they’ll spawn in some sort of hell-like dimension. How you could do that is upon a persons death their team switches to a team that spawns in the place, so like a team-spawn. (1/3)

So for the next part, this is where it could get a little tricky. There’s a Ouija board inside our game, it’s already made so that when you hold down a keybind you teleport TO said hell dimension without having to die. However, this is the part you have to script. When a user holds down the keybind, instead of teleporting right after they finish holding it down for the 10 seconds they float up in the air, then teleport. Like they’re being possessed. (2/3)

Once the person teleports to this hell-like dimension they’ll slowly begin to lose health. Now, after all of that if a person speaks the words “vivifica” and clicks a person on the ‘Dead’ team, they’ll join hands & both start automatically spamming the words “vivifica”, 5 seconds after the spell is said and in action both players will teleport back to the Ouija Board, reviving the person on the dead team. Also changing the persons team back to the "Alive’ team. (3/3)

However to make it fair, if the user has been on the ‘Dead’ team & in the hell dimension for at least 5 minutes without any rescue, they’ll automatically be put back onto the Alive team. & Respawn.

**To summarize what was said - **

  • Alive/Dead team. Self explanatory… upon death you get sent to the Dead team.
  • Alive/Dead spawns. Dead people spawn in the Hell dimension, while Alive people spawn at the usual spawnpoint.
  • When a user holds down Q on the Ouija Board, instead of teleporting once the action finishes an animation plays beforehand.
  • Anyone on the ‘Dead’ team can be revived by anyone on the ‘Alive’ team by a spell.
  • Anyone on the ‘Dead’ team will not be able to revive anyone else on the ‘Dead’ team.


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