[HIRING]Competent lowpoly long term builder for a fairly demanding build [30/40USD]

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a low poly type builder for a complete card.

I am French and I develop a game called RunObby you can see the current version which will be much improved can be thanks to you if you suit me.
I advise you to go see the game to better understand my request (the game is only in French version for the moment it will be translated to reach more people).
My current game

The Team
@donoozeus - Creator
@gaming_71 - Scripter
you ? - Builder

What I’m looking for is a builder who spends time building while going fast enough, I would like a type of low poly construction

Example of the type of construction that I require

more pictures on discord

I would like him to build a city setting for my game
I would like to have several different buildings, you can use the same buildings and modify them and change the color and others at times so as not to waste time.
I would also like restaurants, banks, cafes and the like everything that defines a city do you understand?
I would also like a sidewalk at the edge of buildings with details like lamps, trash cans and the like.
i would need a broken style road with large empty space in order to insert the jump between the broken roads as in my current game but the difference is that it is next to the buildings and the sidewalk.
I would also like to need places with small parks like in the photos below.


more pictures on discord

With more details like flowers or others.
Buildings should either be glued next to each other so that the player does not see empty holes on the sides or add terrain with mountains as desired.
I would have to do this over a very long distance, of course afterwards copying and pasting them would be acceptable for ease.
The buildings should be tall enough but not too tall either so that it doesn’t look weird.
It would still have to be big enough to properly insert the course.

If you are able to do all of this for a reasonable price.
Do you really think you can? Prove it to me and show me your motivation.
You should also send me photos every day of the progress of the project so as not to waste time if I don’t like it.


It should worker at least 3/4 hours a day or more, if you could not build for personal reasons please tell me and it will be accepted.


What it is about payment is through Paypal.
I pay you at the end of construction, the more I like the more you will be paid.
I do not pay huge sums because our money in France is not the same I hope you can understand.
My maximum is 30/40 usd depending on the construction but it is not finished, thereafter you will receive a monthly sum of money also if the game works.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord : Donoozeus#8529
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

confused about the payment. talk over discord? add me:

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