[Hiring]Look for Scripters

About Us

Hello, Our team is currently hiring scripters, mainly scripters that make Skills

Details about the roles, payments, and contact are below.

About The Job - Scripter

Iam scripter too, but i need a help to do some things (skills for example), you can work how much you want, we dont have deadline so you have all time you need, You must be able to create beautiful Skills


Payment starts when the game launches, you will be paid every month until the game goes bankrupt / stops generating profits.

Contact Us

You can contact me here or on my discord Zhansy#1091

Or join on your discord Discord

Thanks for be interested :slight_smile:

What will the scripter(s) do?
Like, what tasks?

Not so much, some quests, npcs, dialogs, and maybe skill, but i Will make skills too, so its worth

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