Hitbox Detection

Should I switch to client-sided hitbox detection and do checks on the server or stick to the server for everything related to hitboxes. I’ve used the server for the longest time, and now I’d also like to know the benefits of using the client for hitbox detection (if any).


You should definitely switch to client-sided hitbox detection, they are way smoother and generally really friendly for the playerbase, server-sided hitbox detections aren’t great for combat games because they become heavily annoying when the player has a bad internet connection.

Of course, you can also do some server sided checks.

Here’s a comparison:

Client Sided

Server Sided

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would you create the hitbox on the client and check if it was touched and do the rest on the server?

Idk, i use raycast together .Touched and the result is good on server side.

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I used an old demonstration, the gif I sent is from a really old combat system I made over a year ago; I’m not quite happy about the combat system because I’m pretty bad with security checks back then, so I really can’t answer your question, sorry