Hitbox only working on occasion

I hooked up my tool so that when the tool is activated and when the hitbox is touched it “sends Damage” , but the hitbox fires inconsistently robloxapp-20201017-2133191.wmv (1.7 MB)

connection = char.Hitbox.Touched:Connect(Hitbox) -- is the connection i used

Try using region3’s. Regular .touched events are sometimes unreliable.

i dont fully understand how region3s work , can you give an elaborate

Could you please provide the Hitbox function?

ive scraped the touch idea im going to try a region3 , any advice on that?

I don’t have a lot of experience using Region3 myself, but from things I’ve read you’d make a region based on a part’s size, you could then use WorldRoot to detect what is inside that region every frame. I believe I’ve read that Region3 also has some sort of on enter trigger? Though I’d assume it’s like Touched

I’d advise against Region3 every frame. More performant options include:

  • Magnitude check to a couple key parts in each thing you can damage (head, hrp in a character for example), or positional check within the bounds of the hitbox

  • Raycasting with a distance the length of the hitbox whitelisting or using collision groups to only check for things you can damage

  • GetTouchingParts each frame to find parts that are currently touching the hitbox.

I can’t watch your video as it’s in Windows format and I’m on mobile currently, so your preference may depend on the tool. My preference would likely be Raycasting as a good setup with CollisionGroups could be the most performant of all the options, and potentially gives the option for more directional tools and weapons too.

I followed yalls advice and used a region 3 , i also decided to only move it when mouse 1 is clicked to reduce lag