[hitsquad] Club Pulse



So, last night my place was featured on The Next Level, but I almost felt it was a slight shame that they missed out some key points from the game. Not only that, the place also got exploited, but that’s beside the point. Anyway.

Club Pulse was a game I designed in two days to rival Galaxy and Spectrum. But I wanted to give myself the edge, so I started out with an idea that you could select your favorite Genre, the top 3 genre’s would then be played to the rest of the server. I decided on this since a lot of clubs only seemed to play the really big genres like Pop and Dubstep. I’m personally more of a Metal fan so I realized I wanted to add bands like Bring me the Horizon and Crown The Empire. Turned out this worked to my advantage as I actually attracted a lot of metal-loving players which suggested it had worked.

After that was finished, I still wasn’t entirely satisfied. So I decided that all my songs were going to contain information such as Artists. So I then spent my time adding in all the artists so if users liked a song they could look it up on YouTube.

I then realized that other clubs would be able to do that without much hassle and decided that I needed to take it one step further. I came up with this great idea. What if players could search for any song with it’s name? So I set about writing my code in php to search the ROBLOX catalog for sounds with use of the HttpService, effectively meaning there are now an endless amount of songs in the place.

Since then I’ve added the ability to DJ and request songs through the use of developer products. Totally remade the entire interface and I still have many many more features planned.

To conclude, it’s worth checking out if you have a moment or two to spare and really have a deep look and everything, from the use of a SurfaceGUI dance floor, dynamic lighting and the audio search system which you can find if you click “View track list”

What’s with BC only places? Right in the feels…

I was going to insert a BC ad, I ended up on the please upgrade me page and had some fun with the drop down boxes.

Stats are as follows,

Date Visits Avg Play Time Total Play Time
5/8/2014 3483 11.95 41633.64
5/7/2014 3354 13.31 44644.67
5/6/2014 3631 12.96 47049.72
5/5/2014 3846 13.69 52662.34