[hitsquad] Flag Attack (CTF done right)

Flag Attack, by Vischas, is a cool game like your traditional CTF! For offensive or defensive purposes, you get two abilities; super jump, which allows you to jump insane heights (to go over an opponent, get to new terrain, or to catch up to someone) and sprint (once per round; every capture, it is refreshed). The maps are nice, and it’s actually pretty fun, and made entirely by Vischas and his brothers, Schematics.

It’s one of the best “real game done in ROBLOX” I’ve played, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Screenshots are on their way.

You should give it a try. Hopefully this guy gets the popularity he deserves!

Lobby has a ScreenGui scoreboard.

Rode has the enemy flag. Go Rode!

A frozen teammate. I helped him right after I took the screenie.

Me guarding the flag. No one gets it on my watch.

This game is awesome! Reminds me of P.E. xD

On behalf of Vischas I thank you for the post.

Right now we are still trying to figure out the best ways to eliminate hacking and fix a few bugs. We hope that after Beta it gets a real following.

Thank you for the post!