Hola todos! Hello everybody

  • Spanish

Hola, te gusta la nueva actualización? iLo hago porque será más fácil para los desarrolladores hablar y crear algo increíble!

  • English

Hi, do you like the new update? I do it because it will be easier for developers to talk and create something amazing!



translation for English speakers



!السلام عليكم

Equivalent to hello. Solid translation being “Peace be with you.”




Dia dhuit! Tá.

translation and explanation in english

(translation: “Hello! Yes.” in irish gaelic there isn’t an actual word directly equivalent to yes, but I’d like to make it easy to understand. i also am a little more unexperienced compared to other gaelic speaking people.
“Dia dhuit” also isn’t directly the word “Hello.” it actually means “God be with you” but is the equivalent of hello.)


An bhfuil tú i nGaeilge?


Shwmae! Rydw i ddim yn hoffi coffi



Hello/What’s up! I don’t like coffee

on another note i just finished the last of my welsh work in school !!! heck yeah i hate the language


O f f e n d e d

seriously though, that’s neat that they’re teaching Welsh. I’m Welsh but all I can do is the accent lol, the only languages I know are English and a SMALL amount of Japanese.


Den nya updateringen för språk är bra, Jag har bara inte använt den än.

Translation: The new update for languages is good, I just havent used it yet.


it’s either swedish or german aaa


(: وعليكم السلام

(I’m not Arabic btw, Turkish)


Swedish! ; )


Det är inte ofta man ser en svensk “utvecklare”. c:

Translation: It’s not often with you see a swedish developer. c:


Najs att se en till :slight_smile:

Translation: Nice to see another one :slight_smile:


Hallo, wie geht’s dir?


Hello, how are you?
-> German


Guten tag xd

Translation: Good day xd


I think those are ways to say hello…


Sí, supongo que será más fácil :grin::see_no_evil:


Olá. (Hello)


Den nye oppdateringen for språk er kjempe bra! Det vil også lokke flere yngre til Roblox.

The new update for languages is very useful! It will bring younger players to Roblox.

(keep in mind that the translation from Norwegian to English I wrote isn’t 100% accurate as diffrent grammatical rules in different languages)