Holographic Map of Star Wars Base

I created a script to figure out the height of points in the world and create a static holographic projection.

This is barely laggy as its using LineHandleAdornments. (Approx. 7,200 lines.) This has been tested in a large server and only a few players with very low end computers experienced minimal performance drop.

This map is mainly used to project the locations of players in the game. As a result, this map will only be used in a Command Center; so only high ranks will ever see the map, so it doesn’t impact actual gameplay.

The detail of the map is adjustable, however with more chunks, the laggier it gets. The first picture is the one that will be used as it has a great combination of detail as well as performance.

However, for fun, I’ve pushed it to the limits.

This map is 4x more detail than the original. (Approx. 28,800 lines.)

This map is 8x more detail than the original. (Approx. 115,200 lines.)

This is the big one. I could go further, but this took 14.4 minutes to compile (I have it wait once every 8 chunks to prevent my studio from crashing.)

This one is 32 times the detail of the original and contains Approx. 460,800 lines. This is VERY laggy and makes it exceedingly difficult to move my camera with so much, even in an empty baseplate.

However, if you notice, the detail is tremendous.

Here are some pictures of the actual game:

(Don’t worry, the hideous interfaces are going to be replaced soon by much better stuff, as they are old and made by another beginning member in our development team.)

Very cool if you ask me!


That is really cool. I wonder if you could make holographic soldiers and the vehicles show up? That could be pretty awesome.


Or just simple dots or arrows representing them, as drawing them would be too intensive lol


Well yeah, I mean it could be simplified models of them.


Yep already going to do that. I made something like this about 3 years ago. Here’s what it looked like:

Here are old little tiny miniature figures. (Mesh offset is messed up)



Wow. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like with this. Maybe you could use this for some kind of mini-map, like pressing M turns you to a view of the map room which you can view the map and everything on it with.


wow, that, is, so, CUTE


hey thats pretty good


Glad you like it! :grinning:

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Status Update:

[LOG 1/14/18 8:21 PM EST] : I am about to venture into the unknown. It is time I attempt an even more detailed map of 128x resolution. If I do not return, please remember me.


This may help you minimize wait time: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/task-scheduler-control-performance-hits-from-intensive-operations/21780

Gameplay-wise I think the 2nd screenshot (4x) looks the best. Past that, it looks really congested.


Yeah I agree. Right now I’m just trying to see how detailed I can get it without destroying my computer.

Either way, the map is generated on command line. Generating this kind of map is not a good idea for an actual server.

I generate it and then just use it as a static object that can be used.


Awesome! :smiley:

Very nice. Looks cool :sunglasses:

The Roblox rendering system does not currently do any kind of zone/portal culling, so someone who is outside the command room but is aiming their camera at the command room, may still end up with the mesh putting load on the graphics card. If you want to avoid that, you could detect the rank of the local player, and locally hide the object when the rank is too low. (Perhaps you already do this?)

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That’s pretty nifty!

How exactly did you figure out the height points across the map? Was it via topdown raycasting, the more detail the more raycasts?


Looks good. :+1:

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Yeah I could totally do that. Thanks for the input!

Side note though; when working with the very laggy 32x resolution map, if you look away from the map you will lag considerably less.

Top down raycasting.

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Yeah, I like this. The 4x one is the best in my opinion; you may not want to go higher. Simplistic design is all it takes, since the map outline at 4x is already sufficient enough to determine the way the map looks. All that’s left is them red pins for player locations. :slight_smile:

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