Honda Rewired Modules

Honda Rewired

Anyone can use the modules anyway you want in your own experiences. Please submit your creations to the Honda Rewired experience!

Users are able to activate “Cheat” functionality to experience these modules in a new and interesting way!

The Modules are listed as follows:

Blower - The Blower pushes off unachored parts using it’s normal functionality. When the cheat mode is enabled, users are able to freefall slowly!

Miimo - Miimo will automatically mow grass materials. However, when cheat is enabled, users are able to ride a giant Miimo to get across the map quickly!

Outboard - The Outboard will turn any Vehicle Seat into a boat! When cheat enabled, you will be able to blast through the water quickly!

Power Unit - The Power Unit is a mobile engine used for a variety of uses. Its’ created open ended to work with certain proximity prompts. When cheat enabled, a new set of proximity prompts will be available to users!

Snow Blower - The Snow Blower will tear through mountains of snow! When cheat is enabled, users will be able to activate rainbow snow!

Tiller - The Tiller will till new farmland for seeds to be planted. When cheat is enabled, users can recycle items to plant flowers and other items!

Trimmer - The Trimmer will get rid of tall grass and other weeds. When cheat is enabled, it can tear through giant vines and other objects in the way!

Water Pump - The Water Pump is able to pump water from any source. When cheat is enabled, they can soar through the sky using the Water Pump as a boost!

Please submit your game entries in the Honda Rewired experience!